Set up towards the end of the 1980s thanks to the intuition of its owner Ferdinando Marana who understood the need for an oven capable of cooking pizzas (and other foods) efficiently and without manual intervention by turning and lifting the cooking surface.
This was how RotoForno® SU&GIU® Marana® came about - to meet the needs of pizza chefs:

“No more broken pizzas! No more burnt pizzas!”

The company began producing and selling wood, gas, pellet and combo-fired ovens for baking pizza and foods in general.
Today Marana® is synonymous all over the world with prestige, quality and innovation. The Marana® Forni brand represents technology at the service of tradition.

​Marana Napulè
The professional wood and gas Neapolitan oven certified by the Verace Neapolitan Pizza Association.
This oven is the result of the intense collaboration and experimentation that Marana Forni has shared with the Neapolitan pizza masters. An important team work in which the Neapolitan experience and the company's artisan technology have allowed the creation of a unique instrument, certified by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association for both wood and gas fired versions
The lava stone of Vesuvius is present in the exclusive mix of materials used for the construction of the oven.
The oven can be pre-assembled at the factory or assembled on site where access is restricted.

Rotary Oven
The rotary cooking surface on all RotoForno® models by Marana® Forni is in high-density refractory material to ensure a superior thermal "flywheel" effect and is micro-perforated to assure the best possible cooking.
The RotoForno®, thanks to the rotation of the cooking surface invented by Marana® Forni, is a tireless pizza assistant.
All RotoForno® models line are supplied ready to be covered so they can be adapted to specific aesthetic and design needs.


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