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for pizza ovens

Legna di Faggio (beech wood), is the perfect fuel for wood-burning pizza ovens.

Our beech wood comes in three sizes; short, long and long/thin. The thin size is normally used for getting the fire going in the oven.

Beech wood gives off a great amount of heat and is very clean to use and is the number one choice for the majority of pizzerias who use a wood-burning oven.

It goes without saying, using this type of wood gives the pizza a taste unlike any other.

The briquettes are also ideal for pizza ovens, and like the legna are also very clean to use and easy to store.

The choice of Master pizza makers.

Legnaturale 25cm in length logs. Purpose sourced beech-wood from Italy. The wood produces as little smoke as naturally possible yet leaves a nice smoky and woody flavour to the pizza.

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